maandag 20 juni 2011

New features for NppSnippets

This weekend I implemented two major new features for NppSnippets.

There is now a dialog to edit which languages can be used for a certain library. For this feature I need to wait for the next version of Notepad++ to be released, since I'm using the new plug-in messages that I asked Don for recently. These messages give me a reliable way to get the names of the supported languages in Notepad++.

Another feature I added is an import for libraries from another NppSnippets database. This way distributing libraries between users become more easy. Send another user a database and (s)he can import the wanted library. I'm also planning to put up a special section on my website for redistributing user provided libraries. So if you have created a library and you think it is useful for other users, drop me a line and I will put it on my website.

So as soon as the next version of Notepad++ has been released, I will give the new edit language feature a final test and release the next version of NppSnippets.

1 opmerking:

  1. Been using your plugin with zencoding mostly to create code templates (no individual tags).
    The new version will not be accidentally support hot keys? And the grouping tags ... It would be nice.

    P/S google translate